Team 1 : Neurotransmission and signaling (Girault / Hervé)

Team leaders : Jean-Antoine Girault (Inserm Research Director, DRE) and Denis Hervé (Inserm research Director, DR2)

Team 1 includes the group of Denis Hervé and Jean-Antoine Girault who study signal transduction in neurons and the group of Laurence Goutebroze who is interested in axo-glial interactions in myelinated fibers.


Our goal is to identify intracellular signaling mechanisms that underlie brain plasticity leading to long-lasting behavioral alterations.
The ability of the nervous system to adapt to a variable environment depends on the modulation and plasticity of synapses between these neurons, which is regulated by their activity and by multiple neuromodulators.
Intracellular signaling pathways are essential for these adaptations and involve chemical reactions among which protein phosphorylation plays a central role. Hence, our group studies protein kinases (which add phosphoryl groups to proteins) and protein phosphatases (which remove phosphoryl groups).


Our major model of study is the striatum, which plays a crucial role in the control of movements, motivation , formation of habits, and procedural memory, and is involved in major neurological and psychiatric conditions.

The striatum is the "entry" structure of the basal ganglia, a set of complex neuronal loops thought to be responsible for action selection.
The principal neurons of the striatum are GABAergic medium-size spiny neurons (MSNs), which integrate sensorimotor information provided by glutamate inputs from the cerebral cortex and thalamus, with a reward prediction error value provided by dopamine afferents.
Dopamine controls both the acute function of basal ganglia circuits and their long-lasting plasticity, which contributes to reinforcement learning. Drugs of abuse divert these processes by directly increasing dopamine transmission.
Dopamine-activated signaling is also responsible for therapeutic and side effects (dyskinesia) of L-DOPA in Parkinson disease. In addition, it is involved in the effects of antipsychotic agents, and may be altered in conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD) and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder(ADHD).


Our previous work contributed to the identification of signaling pathways activated by glutamate NMDA and dopamine D1 receptors, G(alpha)olf, cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA), extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) in striatonigral neurons. In mature striatum, these pathways require dopamine- and cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein (DARPP-32), an inhibitor of protein phosphatase-1. We identified some of their functionally relevant targets, including the regulation of nucleosomal response and the transcription of immediate-early genes such as Zif268/Krox24/Egr1. These mechanisms, which contribute to the long-lasting behavioral responses to drugs of abuse and the appearance of L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia, are modulated by many other intercellular messengers including the endocannabinoid system.


We have also investigated other aspects of signaling in neurons including the role and regulation of non-receptor tyrosine kinases, including FAK (focal adhesion kinase), PYK2 and the associated Src-family kinases.


Our general aim is to decipher the signaling pathways normally activated in the striatum by reinforcement learning and leading to long-lasting behavioral changes. We try to identify their dysregulation in response to drugs of abuse, and to L-DOPA in models of Parkinson disease.
We study the molecular properties of signaling enzymes and the mechanism of information transfer from the cytoplasm to the nucleus.
We use a combination of experimental approaches from biochemistry and molecular genetics to behavior and functional anatomy.
Our research helps to understand the pathological mechanisms of diseases involving the basal ganglia, including Parkinson disease and drug addiction. It also aims at identifying new therapeutic strategies for these diseases and understanding the therapeutic and side effects of L-DOPA and antipsychotic drugs. This research has also more general implications, especially in the field of cancer because the signaling pathways we study control many other cellular functions.

Team leaders : Jean-Antoine Girault (Inserm Research Director, DRE) & Denis Hervé (Inserm research Director, DR2)

  • Nicolas Gervasi, CR2 Inserm
  • Gress Kadaré, MCU UPMC
  • Sophie Longueville, AI INSERM
  • Lieng Taing, IR (CDD)
  • Assunta Pelosi, Post-doc
  • Albert Giralt, Post-doc
  • Enrica Montalban, Post-doc
  • Yuki Nakamura, Post-doc
  • Louise-Laure Mariani, PhD student UPMC
  • Yukari Nakamura, PhD student
  • Benoît de Pins, PhD student UPMC

Former team members :

  • Cristina Alcácer Fernández-Coronado, Post-doc, Lund University, Sweden 
  • Karen Brami-Cherrier, Post-doc, University of California at Irvine, USA
  • Damien Carrel, MCU Paris-Descartes
  • Renata Coura, Post-doc
  • Olivia Engmann, Post-doc USA
  • Camille Faure, Post-doc, Institut Cochin
  • Emmanuelle Jordi, Paris, Bio-Tech
  • Lucile Marion-Poll, Post-doc
  • Matthieu Maroteaux, Post-doc, New Orleans, USA
  • Vincent Pascoli, Post-doc, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Marie-Josèphe Salles, Paris

Main collaborations in France :

  • Jocelyne Caboche, CNRS and UPMC UMR 7102, Paris
  • Emmanuel Valjent, IGF, Montpellier
  • Pierre Vincent & Danièle Tritsch, UMR-7102 CNRS, UPMC, Jussieu, Paris

Main international collaborations

  • Ted Abel, University of Iowa, USA
  • Stefan Arold,KAUST, Saudi Arabia
  • Avrama Blackwell, George Mason University, USA
  • Paul Greengard, The Rockefeller University, New York NY, USA
  • Angus C. Nairn, Yale University, New Haven CT, USA
  • Akinori Nishi, Kurume University School of Medicine, Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Nicolas Le Novère, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK



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