IFM Institute

Director: Jean-Antoine Girault / Vice-director: Fiona Francis
The Institut du Fer à Moulin (Fer à Moulin Institute, IFM) is a research institute devoted to the study of the development and plasticity of the nervous system.

The IFM has two complementary general aims: 
- Understand the physiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system.
- Discover new therapeutic approaches. 

  • Multidisciplinary approaches from molecules to behavior.
  • Multiple links with neurological and psychiatric diseases.
  • An Inserm building of about 2,000 m² in the center of Paris, close to UPMC main campus at Jussieu.
  • Independent research groups (currently seven) with complementary interests.
  • Common technical and scientific facilities: Cell and tissue imaging, Rodents phenotyping including behavioral studies.
  • Participating in local, national and international academic networks and collaborations with private partners, the IFM is deeply involved in education and training of young scientists and physicians.
  • IFM labs are affiliated with the Paris School of Neuroscience (ENP).
  • IFM labs are part of the Bio-Psy Laboratory of Excellence (Labex).

The IFM international scientific advisory board (SAB), chaired by Pr. Peter Brophy (Edinburgh), includes Pr. Magdalena Götz (Munich), Pr. Chris Henderson (New York), Pr. Dimitri Kullmann (London) and Pr. Carmen Sandi (Lausanne). The SAB advises the IFM Directors to promote scientific excellence.

IFM has been recently renovated with some works still in progress, thanks to the support of Inserm, Ile de France Region, and Bettencourt-Schüller Foundation.

Access to the IFM

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